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Who we are

Adding momentum to business

We are an awarded, corporate law firm with an experienced team of business savvy lawyers and versatile solutions that help organisations add momentum to their business and, reduce their liabilities.

We are driven by excellence, professionalism, empathy, integrity and focus. Over the past two decades, we have built a stellar reputation that helps our clients to interpret, navigate and overcome complex legal and regulatory bottlenecks in India.

At Lexport we believe that forward thinking leads to successful outcomes. Our capability, expertise, integrated processes and proactive approach have helped us deliver exacting results for our clients. The way we work and the passion, which underpins everything we do, delivers a competitive edge and outcomes to our clients. We go beyond just the application of law, by partnering with each of our clients to deliver personalised, specialised and focused solutions that garner the best and most positive outcomes. This has helped us form successful relationships with our clients that are based on reliability and trust.